The People of Fintech: Medical Doctor & Serial Fintech Entrepreneur Ozan Özerk

In this article, we will be exploring the career of Dr. Ozan Özerk, an influential and fast-growing fintech entrepreneur in the market today. As the founder of multiple fintech companies and a Forbes Financial Council member, Özerk has been increasingly drawing the attention of the fintech industry. Join us as we delve into his career and contributions to the fintech space, gaining insights into how his businesses operate.

Who is Ozan Özerk?

With the contributions of the several companies he’s founded operating in the digital space, Ozan has lately become one of the most renowned players in the fintech industry, but his background may come as a surprise…

Ozan Özerk had developed an interest in the flourishing internet ecosystem and social media as a young person studying to become a medical doctor. In 2005, he co-founded, a Norwegian social media platform similar to Facebook. The venture proved to be a remarkably successful one in Norway and pioneered the concept of social media spaces as we know and use today. A few years after its founding, was sold to The Egmont Group — a Danish Media Company. Ozan Özerk then shifted his gaze and entrepreneurial skills to the fast-growing fintech space.

Exploring OpenPayd

OpenPayd is probably Ozan Özerk’s most widely recognised company, and here we’re going to talk about the defining aspects of the business.

OpenPayd aims to benefit its innovative fintech customers by helping them access the market quickly, and develop on an international scale. The company offers embedded financial services targeted at the digital economy and its consumers through a comprehensive Banking-as-a-service (BaaS) product and an embedded finance platform designed for digital businesses. Through a single API, OpenPayd’s clients get provided with easy access to a robust banking and payment infrastructure globally.

OpenPayd has an extensive selection of products and services, including open banking, FX, multi-currency accounts, virtual IBANs, and provides access to international payment rails, which are all accessible through a single API integration. They aim to provide a ‘network of networks’ through a whole range of financial licences across the world and global payment network partnerships. Being the intermediary like a switch, in other words, “the fintech behind the fintechs”, OpenPayd can provide the fastest, the most affordable payment rails and route between the sender and the receiver, crossing between the various networks if necessary.

The OpenPayd team consists of experts who specialise in banking and payment services, where each member is geared with a vast experience in the development of regulated financial products and technology. The company is currently headquartered in London, but has offices across the world, namely in Bulgaria, Turkey, Malta, Belgium, Canada and the USA.

Beyond OpenPayd

We’ve established an overview of Ozan Özerk’s best-known company, OpenPayd. But given that this is only one of his many ventures, what else is the entrepreneur bringing to the fintech space?

Özerk’s other companies include retail brokers apps, payment service providers and even a bank. In 2018, he launched Eurotrader, which is a fully licensed and regulated retail broker that deals in forex, stocks, indices, and commodities. Their aim is to provide traders of all abilities with a modern and streamlined trading experience, accompanied by educational resources.

Then we have European Merchant Bank (EMBank), which focuses on providing accessible banking services to fintechs globally and to SMEs across the European Union from Lithuania, where the bank is headquartered at.

Another one 0.of his flagship ventures is Ozan Elektronik Para (Ozan E-Money Inc.). Based in Turkey, Ozan Elektronik Para has become one of the top payment service providers in Turkey within a mere two years since its founding. The company’s product offerings include vPOS, physical POS, payment gateway, reseller & marketplace solutions for SMEs and enterprises, and a highly capable “superapp” under the brand Ozan SuperApp.

Ozan Özerk is an inspirational and prolific player in the fintech space, keen to make contributions to the world of fintech through his businesses and his opinions.

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