Eurotrader Group appoints Jack Beezer as its Chief Product Officer

Founded by Dr. Ozan Ozerk, Eurotrader is a fully licensed and regulated retail broker in forex, stocks, crypto, indices, and commodities. The group is focused on building a trading community with the modernisation of an outdated landscape via the latest innovative technologies and evolving trader needs.

The new CPO, Jack Beezer, has over a decade of experience in the retail financial industry. He started his career on the fintech side where he built and ran platforms for many of the biggest names in the industry before moving into the brokerage side where he led a UK-based platform team.

Marcelo Spina welcomes Jack Beezer and comments about his appointment as follows:

“We are very excited to have Jack join the team. As client experience becomes our primary product, Jack is the right person to lead the charge to implement and execute our product strategy. His vast experience in this market and regimented focus on the process and the client was readily apparent and made him the perfect person to add to our growing team.”

Following the agile methodology in product development, Jack’s approach combines user-centricity and intuitive design alongside flawless functionality. He brings a product-focused mindset to the challenge of combining the best tools, and capabilities that exist within Eurotrader Group and building teams to leverage those assets.

“From my first conversations with Marcelo Spina, it was clear that Eurotrader had the ambition to match the success of other companies within Ozan’s group. With the team being assembled at Eurotrader I have no doubt that we can deliver an innovative trading experience for our clients.”

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